Lady Madonna (Album Ver) – periwinkles

You have a handsome man.
Sunset is not on my side.
Then who is my ally?
There must be good day. good day?

Lady Madonna,
What are you looking at?
What do you see?
Lady Madonna,
Why are you eyes so lonely?

He looks good on you.
But a little dangerous scent.
It’s only a matter of time before you realize.

Lady Madonna,
What are you looking at?
What do you see?
Why are you eyes so lonely?


What Do You Know About Me? – periwinkles

you don't knowride on ride oni am so phat so phatpeople saymadman madmanyou don'

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someone said.from the moment we are born, we begie to die.beautiful nature aroun

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sleepless nighti think about you, tonight.i feel so lonely, tonight.i have a cof

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distance memory anytime“never mind”gloryday is disapperbaby so silentyou'll be a

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blue in the skyand the baby all the worldblue light the moonall the baby long ro

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hey, you. what doing.i don't care about anything.everyone everyone.hey, you. wha

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Everyone is clapping with a smile.We will dance there crazy tonight.Like a world

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over time you forgotdiscover new starover time silentyou found meover time i'm a

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i wish to stay like this foreverhold on to me let's only tonighti wish to stay b

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It doesn't matter if you don't understand my feelings.It's like I'm not myself.I

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You said that there is nothing good in the world.Don't let go, it should be in y

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How do you give me love?Don't you want it?I don't mind.Love is over.It's almost

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If you send a letter here,it won't arrive,so don't send it.I'm not here anymoreI

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How long have you been together?But I just don't understandThe moment you get an

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Where was that placeI arrived at a stationI had never got offAs you tell meI wen

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say say sayeveryone saysGood luckyou tooare you here?for whom?unbeatable gameunb

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